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Eutro Log and Laem open house
Monday 6 July 2009, Exhibitions and Events

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Eutro Log and Laem System will host an open house from 13-17 July, presenting their latest modular system for the automatic handling, wrapping and palletising of finished reels produced by converters and film manufacturers.

The event will take place in Eutro Log’s plant in Cantù, near Como, from 9am-5pm. On show will be a system that includes automatic cycles and solutions for the unloading of the finished reels from Laem’s slitters. It is said to significantly reduce the operation expense of handling the finished reels.

Those interested in attending should sign up by 10 July. Further information is obtainable from
Georgia Caprino on 340 1013266 ( or Ornella Cappellini on 031 734091 (