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Winners of the C2 European Innovation Awards announced
Thursday 4 April 2013, Exhibitions and Events

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More than 45 companies from all over the world had applied for this year’s C2 European Innovation Awards. The seven most innovative products, processes and technologies from the area of processing paper, film and foil were now honoured with the renowned price by the international jury. Read more about the laureates and their innovations here.

  • Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd., UK, won the award with its TITAN SR9 modular slitter.
  • The new dryer generation for high temperature applications by Pagendarm BTT, Germany, was also able to convince the jury.
  • The QCenter by BST International GmbH, Germany,stood out with the possibility to centrally control all quality assurance functions.
  • DIENES Werke GmbH & CO. KG, Germany, was given the award for its high precision knife holder DS µ.
  • PSA Technology GmbH, Germany, had entered its new pocket size length measurement device.
  • Dr. Escherich GmbH, Germany, convinced the jury with a new cleaning head for particles smaller than 5mµ.
  • The new ionisation system by the Hildebrand Technology AG, Switzerland, was honoured for the possibility for users to interact using tablet or smart phone.

A group picture of this year’s winners of the C2 European Innovation Awards
A group picture of this year’s winners of the C2 European Innovation Awards