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Bobst Manchester invites to its Open House
Thursday 18 July 2013, Exhibitions and Events

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At 15 October 2013, Bobst Manchester Ltd will be holding an Open House at the Heywood technology Centre. Customers who attend will witness a next generation K5000 machine with the focus on high barrier metallization.

The day will consist of technical presentations and two live machine demonstrations: The first will be a High OD aluminium metallization with real-time pinhole detection and reporting functionality. BOBST’s General Hawkeye is a monitoring system that at full metallizer speed, detects, counts and categorises pinholes and other defects from 0.1 mm upwards. Hawkeye has a reporting option, which generates reports as PDF files. The use of this option ensures that production is not interrupted.

The second demonstration will be a clear barrier coating (AlOx) at high speed as a alternative to PVDC and EVOH. The application is available for coating a wide range of films including PET, BOPP, CPP, PLA and other types of plastic films. The coated film can be used for end products including baked goods and microwaveable products.


An AIOx barrier coating
An AIOx barrier coating