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Joint open house of Vetaphone and Coating Plasma Industrie
Tuesday 20 August 2013, Products and Innovations,Exhibitions and Events

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To introduce the new EASI-Plasma technology that was jointly developed by the Denmark based corona treatment pioneers of Vetaphone A/S and the French Coating Plasma Industrie both companies will stage an open house on 10 September 2013 in Peynier, France, in the headquarters of Coating Plasma Industrie.

According to the companies EASI-Plasma offers an easy way of cutting costs and developing new products in the flexible packaging industry. By replacing oxygen with gases or monomers the new technology can create innovative abilities on the film surface such as higher and longer lasting dyne levels or nano-coating for hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces.

The EASI-Plasma test facility
The EASI-Plasma test facility