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Mondi's "BarrierFilm" wins PPI Award
Thursday 16 October 2014, Products and Innovations,Exhibitions and Events

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The Mondi corporation, a South African supplier of packaging and paper solutions, has been honoured with an award at the annual Pulp & Paper International (PPI) Awards in Boston (MA), USA. In the category of “innovation in sustainable packaging”, the company was selected as winner for its BarrierFilm product line.

BarrierFilm is an innovative barrier material for food packaging that consists of a material mix of paper, PE and a special coating that is said to provide excellent protection and a long shelf life. It also helps reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging thanks to the removal of aluminium. Thanks to the introduction of a special sealing polymer, which helps to reduce the sealing temperature and subsequently lowers the energy consumption, its environmental credentials are further enhanced.

An instant soup packaging made with BarrierFilm material
An instant soup packaging made with BarrierFilm material